You don’t need new year resolutions, do these 5 things instead

Do you find yourself writing the same new year resolutions every end of the year and never making much progress by the end of the next year? Maybe it’s time to drop the resolutions and do these 5 things instead!

  • Set a goal and stick to it

Imagine how much progress you would have made if you stuck to the goal you set 3 years ago. Dropping projects half way is responsible for so many unmet dreams. Try this one time, set a simple goal and keep going towards it no matter how discouraging it may get along the way. By the end of the year look back, you will be amazed at how much growth you achieved.

  • Cheer yourself on

Quit putting expectations on people, they too are running after their own goals. We all want to be supported and cheered on but we live in a world where most people will show up when you are already shining. Appreciate the support if it is there but remember nobody owes you your success.

  • Accept failure it’s part of the process

There is nothing sweet about failure but it is that part of the process that we must embrace and learn from. Chances are you will succeed because of the lessons you pick up when you fail. Normalise hearing no for an answer, let it motivate you for a future yes.

  • Watch out for discouragement including from yourself

There is that voice that won’t let you progress, that but, what if, how will it be etc. See, it’s good to evaluate and plan how to handle the whole process towards your goal but if the thoughts always make you drop your mission then it’s time to drop the negativity instead. Stop focusing on the challenges, nothing good comes easy!

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  • Just do it!

Well, you’ve been planning to start for a long time, it’s time to pick yourself up and just do it. There is no other way, you want to start a business? Start where you are with what you have. You will never have enough resources, time or whatever else ingredient you need unless you make the first step.

Guaranteed, with these 5 points let’s meet at the end of a successful 2022!

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  1. Betty MUSAMBI Ambeva

    You have really inspired me Metrine thanks alot ,this year is my year of possession and I’m going to work towards that through the help of my father in heaven. May the Almighty God bless you.

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