Undergratuate Scholarship for African students in Canada

Undergraduate Scholarship for African Students in Canada

The University of Ottawa is providing undergraduate scholarship for African students in Canada. English speaking international students from African countries are encouraged to apply. The scholarship is renewable and is offered to the newly admitted international students pursuing an undergraduate programme at the university. Applicants of the Undergraduate Scholarship are required to enroll in a specific program within the Faculty of Science and Faculty of Social Sciences.


  • The candidates need to be international students from any African country
  • They should provide proof of citizenship of the African country they come from
  • Applicants need to have valid study permit
  • They should be newly admitted to undergraduate programs offered in the French or English language
  • The candidates must be fully enrolled as students

Programs offered:

The program courses under the Faculty of Science include all programs except BSc. Physics, Bsc. Ophthalmic Medical Technology, BSc. Electrical Engineering, Bsc. Chemical Engineering and BSc. Biochemistry.

The Faculty of Social Sciences offers courses in Public Administration, Conflict Studies, International Development and Globalization, Anthropology and Sociology.


The value of the scholarship is $12,500/year ($6,250/term)

Criteria of Renewal

The scholarships can be renewed every subsequent year of study for the same amount provided during the admission time, only if:

  • The awardee retains a full-time registration within the undergraduate program in which the candidate was enrolled and admitted
  • The student has a 5.0 or higher cumulative grade point average at the end of every academic year

Procedure of Application

  • All eligible candidate students will be notified about the award offer at their admission time. 
  • Application for the scholarship is not required but students will be considered during their admission time
  • Before receiving their initial installment, all the recipients will be asked to show proof of citizenship of a nation state in Africa.

For more information, please visit the official website University of Ottawa online scholarship site.

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