Through Thick and Thin

Through thick and Thin

When I first encountered Cyndy and Trevon, they had just welcomed a new addition to their beautiful family. I was drawn by how supportive Trevon was during the whole process, something that is not an everyday norm in our society. Months down the line, tables had turned and this time round Cyndy had to stand strong for their family during one of the toughest moments ever in their marriage.

In my interview, I wanted to understand what keeps them going? How have they maintained positivity and how do they manage to always stay joyful? This is what they had to share:

How did you meet?

~ Sinani: We first met way back in 2012 through Instagram, after which she disappeared on social media for like 2 years. Later on in 2015 December, we met in person and we’ve been together since then 6 years down the line.

what made you decide to spend the rest of your lives together?

~ Sinani: I chose Cyndy because she is so calm, collected and wise. She is a female version of me in terms of habits. Apart from that, she loves and cares for me. Of course she is beautiful but her heart surpasses any other kind of outward beauty.  

~ Cindy: Trevor is funny and I love laughing so that was a first win for me. He knows how to treat me well with love and care. When I met him I knew he was the right one for me.

If you were to describe marriage in 3 ways what would they be?

~Hard if you are not prepared

~Stressful if you don’t have the right person

~Sweet if you know what you want, you have ambition and you aim for your family goals together

Based on your experience together, what are the most important traits/requirements for a successful marriage?

~Sinani: Put God first and trust Him. Also, be faithful to each other, avoid flirting or involving outsiders in your marriage

~Cyndy: Simply love each other

Any major set-backs/challenges you have overcome together? If any, what advice can you share from the experiences?

Wow so many challenges! From the usual challenges like arguments to major ones like sickness. We have been through a lot together and we do share some of these moments in our Youtube space. It’s always been by God’s grace and our prayer is to keep pushing on together.

A video of the Sinanis family during one of their toughest moments
What advice can you give to a soon to be married couple?

Have a vision and stay focused on the goal. Temptations will be there but have self-control. Don’t lose your diamond trying to chase after stones. To the married couples, do not let satan control your emotions and anger. Have self-control and learn to communicate with each other openly.

Any advice to a single person on matters relationships and dating?

If you are not ready to be in a long term committed relationship, stay single until you are ready. There is no time for games in marriage so don’t rush it.

Do you celebrate valentines? What is a typical valentine’s day for you?

Honestly, we don’t celebrate it. Valentine’s is just a single day.  For us, what matters is not February 14th as love should be appreciated every single day.

Trevon and Cyndy are a good example of sticking together in good and bad times. Such resilience not only makes a relationship strong but also fulfills the whole idea of marriage being for better and for worse. You can check them out for more inspirational content from their family on Instagram @The Sinanis Family and on Youtube at The Sinanis family

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