The food loving couple

The food loving Couple

Meet Boniface and Joyce, famously known as the food loving couple. Their unique name comes from the love for doing home chores such as cooking, cleaning and taking care of their little ones together. The genuine love they share for each other is evident through their chemistry.

Boniface and Joyce have been married for 9 years now. They met for the first time in an M-pesa back in 2013 but she did not give him any attention at the time. One month later, they randomly met in the streets and again his moves were not successful. It was not until three months later when they met again by chance and this time round Joyce accepted to share her contacts. The rest as we all know by now, is history.

I was curious to know the secret behind their always joyful nature, and this is what they had to say:

Why did you choose each other?

~Boniface: When I first met her, I was struck by her beauty. I just knew from the word go that I wanted to pursue her further. As time went by we just fit into each other’s lives.

~Joyce: He always treated me like a queen even when we were getting to know each other. He is very caring and loving.

What makes your marriage successful?

~Boniface: We work harmoniously in everything we do, right from the simple chores at home to the big things like family investments. There are no secrets between us.

~Joyce: We help and take care of each other. In our home there are no boundaries on who should do what. The key is to assist each other meet our family goals. Additionally, we pray and love each other genuinely.  

Food loving couple
Which traits do you find very important in marriage?




Any advice you can share with others regarding marriage?

~Boniface: My advice is particularly to today’s men. We should take care of our responsibilities in a family setting. The pride of a man should be to take care of his wife and children; to love, protect and always make them feel safe in his arms.

~Joyce Mine is to the ladies. Don’t be too hard on your men and try not to control them.  The best thing is to pray and give them peace of mind. Also, appreciate the things your partner does for you.

Any parting shot?

Marriage and love is a beautiful thing created by God. God is happy when families i.e. children and parents stay together in peace and harmony. Put a strong foundation in your families and do not allow the devil to come in between. To the husbands, try as much as possible to minimize conflicts within your family and always engage your spouses in decision making.

The Kilivwas dancing together
Do you celebrate valentines?

Every day is valentine’s day for us. We celebrate each other with gifts, small and big regardless of the day.

The food loving couple is not only fun but very wise! Listening to their advices was very inspiring. I am personally challenged to be intentional and focused on the positive aspects of not just marriage but life in general. For more of their amazing tips and content reach out to them on Instagram @the_Kilivwas_family on Youtube @The Kilivwas family, on tiktok @thekilivwasfamily and on Facebook @The Food Loving Couple.

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