Shishok and Mordecai

Love brewed at medical school

Mordecai and Shishok hail from Uganda and Nigeria respectively.  They met five years ago in Uganda in medical school where they both pursue a degree in Medicine and Surgery. It all started with an invitation to a discussion group by Mordecai and that first conversation led to where they are today.

When I first encountered them their energy levels got me hooked! These two are nothing short of positive energy. From the word go one can tell they were meant for each other. Get to know more about them through what they had to share with me.

Why did you choose each other?

Despite our differences in culture, we found out that we had a lot in common, from faith, to hobbies, to tastes and preferences etc. The similarities brought us together, the differences kept everything interesting.

Based on your experience what are the most important traits for a successful relationship?

~For any relationship to be successful there should be love. True love that goes beyond the physical (what the eye sees). This is only possible when God is the foundation.


Any major challenges you have overcome while together and what advice can you share from the experience?

In the early stages of our relationship, we had not clearly defined what we were to each other. This caused very many unpleasant experiences that almost led to the end of the relationship. When we came clear on who we were and became fully open to each other without keeping secrets the relationship started to grow. We would advise couples to avoid keeping secrets between them.

What is the one advice you can give to a soon to be married couple?

Prioritize yourselves, minimize “third parties” in your relationship and always look unto God for solutions. Have fun and don’t over think it, I mean, you’re marrying your best friend.

If you were to advice a single person on matters relationships and dating, what would you tell them?

Never enter a relationship with someone you would NOT marry, never.

Do you celebrate valentine? What is a typical Valentine’s Day for you?

Yes, we do celebrate Valentine’s Day. Normally we share gifts, go out for something fun like a movie and end the day with a beautiful dinner for two.

Shishok and Mordecai have a lot of interesting and fun content that they share on their social pages. Be prepared to laugh, learn and get hooked to their amazing videos on YouTube at Mordecai & Shishok . You can also get in touch on Instagram @ shishok_jaja and @irunva_mordecai.

The story of how Shishok and Mordecai met

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