International summer school Norway scholarship

International Summer School Norway Scholarships

The International Summer School calls for applications for Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree scholarships. Admission to the ISS requires that candidates show academic excellence and meet the English language proficiency to be able to study efficiently in the program courses they have selected.

Bachelor’s Degree Eligibility:

One of the key requirements is the proof of proficiency in English for those who are not native English speakers. Candidates need to check the GSU-list to find their country’s specific minimum requirements.

NB: The International Baccalaureate, the European Baccalaureate and the French Baccalaureate satisfy the eligibility for admission to Norwegian universities.

Education modelled on the GCE Advanced Level examinations of the British System or its equivalent shall be recognized as well when the examinations are acknowledged in Great Britain as equivalent to GCE Advanced Level exams in Britain

Master’s Degree Eligibility:

Master’s programme candidates also need to provide proof of English proficiency for those who are not native English speakers. They also need to check country-specific academic requirements here

Norwegian Language Courses Eligibility (Bachelor-level courses)
  • Candidates should meet the basic requirements for bachelor’s degrees including English proficiency
  • Applicants who attained levels II, III and IV of Norwegian language should submit Norwegian language course transcripts or test scores from their university studies
  • Alternatively, they can submit test scores for est i norsk høyere nivå (Bergenstest) or Norskprøven
  • Applicants should check the GSU-list for country-specific academic requirements
Application Process:

Application Deadline: 15th February 2022

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