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Finding the courage to start all over again…

At some point in life we all need the courage to restart what failed, stalled or that which was going well but circumstances subotaged the progress in one way or the other. It could be anything, from a dream that is yet to be realized, a venture that was too challenging to maintain or a failed relationship that left us bitter and untrusting.

It is discouraging to look back at the journey that needs to be redone. The obstacles could be a little too scary or the thought of starting over so tiring. So should we just throw in the towel and call it quits or risk starting from scratch with no certainity on the eventuality?


Life experiences through my 20s have taught me that success is not determined by the end product but by the journey leading to the end. The choice to not give up, pick ourselves up and start as many times as we need to,  determines how successful we are. Slow progress is better than none,  attempting is better than doing nothing.

Maybe these questions can help us find the courage to start all over again…

  • Do you find fulfilment in whatever it is that you want to restart?
  • Would you rather not have it or maybe have it?
  • Can you learn to enjoy the process rather than look at the end product?

The answers lie within us.

Welcome to metienne inspirations! The courage to restart writing gave birth to our new website: Here, you can expect content on inspiration, relationships, adventure and opportunities to study/work abroad. And if you haven’t yet, check out our YouTube corner metienne Vlogs for the video version of these themes.

Cheers to starting all over again!

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