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Crocheting As a source of livelihood

Crocheting is not an everyday activity for many people especially today. Thus, when I met Charity Pius an entrepreneur scaling height in the crocheting business, I seized the opportunity to catch a glimpse into her unique craft. Charity is a nutrition officer by profession, based in Nairobi Kenya. She is the founder of Krochet with Charry a business that sells customized crochet pieces for kids through her online shop Apart from using crocheting as a source of livelihood, she also trains and mentors people interested in learning her craft. Get to know more about her business and what she does in this interview.

Why crocheting? Is it something you studied in school, or did it come out of passion?

I did not study crocheting in school. As a little girl back in primary school, I used to crochet sling bags for my books and sometimes I would help my mother to crochet seat covers. I believe it is a God given gift. Krochet with charry was born in October 2019 after my search for jobs bore no fruits. I just wanted to keep myself busy and distract my mind from unnecessary negative thoughts. I posted a few pictures of baby booties in some Facebook groups and people showed interest in my work after a while.

What does a typical business day look like for you?  

Typically, my day starts at 5am and ends at 10:30pm. However, it is tricky to have a specific schedule at all times. Sometimes we are forced to stay up till late in the night to meet client deadlines. During my day a lot takes place including workouts to keep physically and mentally fit, delivery of orders, crocheting and marketing my products on different platforms.

What is the best thing about working as a crocheter?

Everything about crocheting is exciting and motivating. Although it is very labor intensive, passion keeps me going. Creating and recreating new products and mentoring other people are the most exciting things. It is very fulfilling.

What challenges do you encounter in your day-to-day life at Krochet with Charry?

My major challenge is with regards to the materials I use. The quality of our local yarns is not very good and purchasing the imported ones is so expensive that most customers are unable to meet the cost. Thus, I end up using the local yarns that are affordable but rather rough. This causes my fingers to hurt especially when working on big projects.

What is the best piece you have made so far and why does it stand out?

This firirinda dress (as branded by my customers), is one of the most selling pieces I have ever made. Every time I complete making one, I get so much satisfaction from the outcome. Whichever color the customer chooses, the end product is always beautiful.

Firirinda dress by Krochet with Charry
What advice can you give to a person considering going into crocheting?

Nothing in life comes easy. To anyone looking forward to venturing into crocheting, hard work, consistency, and positivity will determine your success in this market. Stay humble and be willing to learn things slowly.

What is the future for Krochet with Charry?

I am confident that the future for Krochet with charry is great and that we are going to be one of the best online shops selling quality handmade products worldwide.

Just for fun question: If you were to crochet one thing for the president what would it be?

I will make him a 3-piece set containing a scarf, beanie hat and pair of gloves, themed in the Kenyan flag colors.

Any parting shot?

Having a passion for something is one thing and putting work into perfecting your passion is a different story. Commitment, hard work, consistency, and patience play a big role in the success of any project.

Isn’t it reassuring to know that our childhood passions can turn into today’s source of livelihood? Many of us may be in search of business ideas or side hustles without success. Charry’s story is an inspiration to be more open minded about how we can utilize our hobbies beyond being just hobbies. To get in touch with Charry or buy some of her products, reach out to her through her website, Facebook page @Krochet with Charry, Instagram @Krochetwithcharry or Youtube: Crochet with Charity

Tutorial on How to crochet shoe laces by Crochet with Charry

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