Creative ideas for Valentine's

Creative Ideas for celebrating Valentine’s Day

The valentine’s season comes with a lot of expectations and reservations alike. To many it is a day like any other, but to others it is a special day that has to be to be celebrated in one way or the other. Regardless of whether you are single, dating or married, here are creative ideas for celebrating Valentine’s Day.

Know your loved one

One of the best ways to show how much you love your partner, friend, teacher, student, colleague, parent, daughter, son or any family member is to understand their love language. The starting point is getting to know what melts their heart before you can make a decision on what to do for them on this special day.

Identify what they need at that moment

Once you get to know what their love language is, connect it with what they need at that moment. For example, you may find that your loved one has been working pretty hard and s/he has been yearning to rest. Find out if they would be free any day during the Valentine’s week and plan a surprise get away, date night, concert, spa, movie, games or a sound book depending on their interests or their ways of resting. Again, this requires that you understand their love language to choose the right gift.

It is the little things that count

Another way is getting her/him the littlest of material things. You may realize that your partner loves listening to music. One way to surprise them is by getting them nice comfortable music headphones so that they can enjoy music in a more convenient way. You can also find his/her favorite live band and identify when they would be playing then take her/him.

Identify their challenge

What have they been complaining about lately? Find something that would reduce their stress levels. For instance, if they have been struggling to find a healthy eating pattern, get them things such as a nice water bottle, or a blender for making smoothies to remind them of their journey to improve on eating habits.

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Help your loved one through their challenges
Know their New Year Resolutions

Find out what their New Year resolutions are and align to them. Helping your loved ones achieve their resolutions is one of the best expressions of love and support. If they have been focused to keep fit this year for example, help them by getting dumbbells or running shoes. Alternatively, you can go for hiking together over the weekend which will be a good time to exercise, have fun and spend time together.

Suggest attending an event

For the event lovers, find important events that your loved ones like and book a ticket for them. On 11th February 2022, the professional Kenyan psychologist and life coach Benjamin Zulu will be hosting Benjamin Zulu Live Valentine’s for singles only at Rainbow Resort Ruiru along Thika Road at 7pm to 9pm. You can book for yourself and your friends as this would be a beneficial experience to learn about healthy relationships. Details and booking are available on his social media handles.

All said and done I hope these creative ideas for celebrating Valentine’s Day will come in handy for you and your loved ones!

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