About Metienne

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We have been inspired by others to be where we are today. In the same spirit, we are here to make a positive change in the society around us with regard to love, relationships, inspiration, and opportunities.

We describe ourselves as a simple, authentic, and loving couple. Be ready for lots of content on various family-oriented topics and opportunities for studies/jobs abroad from our website and YouTube channel Metienne Vlogs.

Be the person you want the society to have, a reflection of what would make the world a better place.


We Can Help You With


Join us as we explore the ins and outs of life as a married couple in France and Kenya.


Lots of tips and ideas to manouver all kinds of relationships in the society.


Get access to opportunities for further studies and jobs abroad.


Motivational stories from others around the world. People have done it before, we can do it even better.

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