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Thank you for passing by our world of love and inspirations! We are Metienne, an intercultural married couple from Kenya and France. Here, we share stories, adventures, and opportunities, all geared towards inspiring and creating positive change in the society.

Our Story

We met by chance, rather by grace over the internet and dated long distance for four years across four different countries. We are all-too-familiar with the challenges of travelling thousands of miles to see each other and saving over long periods of time to afford it. After closing the distance, we continue to purposely choose love and positivity in the ups and downs of marriage. For us, there should be no mediocrity in love. Hopefully our adventures make the world a better place in one way or the other.


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We are all about sharing helpful content that makes a difference in the society. Expect lots of family oriented videos, opportunities to study abroad on scholarship, adventures captured on drone, and general life tips in our YouTube corner. Join us, let's have fun as we learn a thing or the other about life in France and Kenya.

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Une Histoire D'amour Entre Le Kenya Et La France

Nous sommes un couple franco-kényan et on a une passion pour partager notre expérience d’amour avec vous.

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